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PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit Inc. Raspberry Pi 3B+

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PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit Inc. Raspberry Pi 3B+
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RPI 3 model B+ instead of RPI 3 model B
Is it possible to order the "PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit Inc. Raspberry Pi 3" with an RPI 3 model B+ instead of the RPI 3 model B? Would be prepared to pay the difference in price for the newer model.
Bert Remmerie
  • We are currently in the process of updating the SD cards to support the new 3B+ and writing new setup guides. Once these have been done the kit will be available.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Using the FlightAware Pro Stick with Windows 10
Just both the FlightAware Pro Stick (Order ID #259349), could you please advice were can I download the program to be used with Windows 10. Thanks and regards
  • You can use any software designed to read ADS-B data.

    dump1090 is a very popular one.

    ModMyPi LTD
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Is the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus v1.0 ADS-B receiver compatible with a Windows computer?
Just received the order (Order ID #259349), which included the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus, which I wish also to use on a Windows computer. Is it compatible? By the way....... I ordered items on 2nd May in the afternoon, and I received items to Malta, this morning at 7.15am. tnxs
Ray Muscat
  • Yes, it is compatible with a Windows computer
    ModMyPi LTD
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Does the supplied SD Card boot the Raspberry Pi ?
Thank you for your earlier replies. The information I need confirmation of is as supplied will the Raspberry Pi run the PiAware system or will I need to install files on to the supplied SD Card to enable the Raspberry Pi to initially boot up? In other words as supplied will the kit be fully functional or will it need further files to be installed to make PiAware work? I hope I have clarified my concerns. Many thanks.
Rod Wilkinson
  • No additional files are needed
    ModMyPi LTD
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Confirm installation of boot up file
Please clarify re your earlier answer. Does the 16GB Sandusky Clas 10 Micro SD Card have the Pi Boot up files pre installed as well as the PiAware? An article in RadioUser suggest it doesn’t. Many thanks for your assistance
Rod Wilkinson
  • I'm not sure what you mean by boot up files? PiAware is the operating system. When the Pi boots up, it boots the PiAware OS.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Raspberry Pi SD card
Does the provided SD card contain the appropriate file to boot the Pi as well as PiAware files? Many thanks
Rod Wilkinson
  • Yes the kit comes with a "16GB Sandisk Class 10 Micro SD Card with PiAware Installed"
    ModMyPi LTD
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trying to buy ADSB kit
Hi, trying to buy your adsb kit, but it keep defaulting to the orange stick. I want to buy the kit with the blue pro stick plus
Model 3 B+ Availability for this package yet? June 2018
Hi - is the 3B+ now available for this package? Its not clear when the last Q/A was given .... Many thanks
  • Not yet, but it will be shortly!
    ModMyPi LTD
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External GPS Head usb connector
need to run raspberry pi software up intsead of the auto flight aware so i can set up my usb gps i am using this to keep time more accurate for the mlat of the flight aware. so need typo command to get into the raspberry pi jessie software to get into the putty screen or even install the putty as well to complete the set up . many thanks appreciated
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It's now possible to transform your Raspberry Pi into an Aircraft Tracking Groundstation thanks to PiAware & FlightAware!

ModMyPi's PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit (including Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+) has everything you need to get started on your Raspberry Pi ADS-B and MLAT ground station! We've carefully compatibility tested all components, and only selected the very best manufacturer guaranteed, high quality parts available! You won't find a better kit at a better price, and all our kits are fully customisable from our huge range of Raspberry Pi accessories, cases and cable colours! We also stock UK, US, AUS and EU variants of the majority of our components so there's no need to worry if you're ordering internationally.

Please Note. We ship the PiAware Kit with PiAware Pre-Installed on the SD Card. Simply follow our set up guide here!

Please be aware that this is a fully customisable kit. The parts in the description picture are indicative of a selection of available parts, and not necessarily the parts you will receive unless you specifically order that combination. Please ensure that you double check your selection before checkout.

ModMyPi's PiAware Aircraft Tracking Kit Includes:

Click the links above for information on the available choices, and customise your kit on the right hand side!

We have a full PiAware set up guide here!

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