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Adafruit 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout

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Adafruit 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
Adafruit 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
Adafruit 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout
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May we use it with a raspberry pi 3b+ ?
I would like to find a touch sensor working with a raspberry pi 3b+ Is it working with a raspberry pi 3b+? Are the "sensitive" pins those from 0 to 4 ? Thank you for your answer :)
Laora Volpe
  • Yes this will work with the Raspberry Pi, however you will need a voltage divider to convert the 5v output signal to 3.3 volts.

    When looking at the product picture, the pins to the left and the "sensitive" pins, the pins to the right are the output pins

    ModMyPi LTD
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This breakout board is the simplest way to create a project with mutiple capacitive touch sensors. No microcontroller is required here - just power with 1.8 to 5.5VDC and connect up to 5 conductive pads to the 5 left-hand pins. When a capacitive load is detected (e.g. a person touches one of the conductive contacts) the corresponding LED on the right lights up and the output pin goes low. You can use this to update an existing normal-button project where buttons connect to ground when pressed. 
Note that only one contact will be detected at once (this is to protect against having a hand brush against two or more contacts at once). 
Comes with a fully assembled board, and a stick of 0.1" header so you can plug it into a breadboard. For contacts, we suggest using copper foil, then solder a wire that connects from the foil pad to the breakout. 
The datasheet has many details on sensitivity, power usage, etc. - note that this board uses the chip in 'standalone' mode only, it cannot be used in I2C mode. 
  • Fully assembled board
  • Connect up to 5 conductive pads
  • Power with 1.8 to 5.5VDC
  • When capactive load detected LED lights up and output pin goes low
  • 0.1'' headers - plugs into a breadboard 

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