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Soil Moisture Sensor

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Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
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Can you use multiple sensors and multiplex them to monitor multiple pots?
Is it possible to have 30 or more pots monitored by a single pi and be able to water them individually so each pot is uniquely looked after rather than have a sample pot every so often? Looking at multiple pots and different types of veg in each one so they may need different feed/water levels.
Dave Jones
  • You are limited by the number of GPIO pins on the Pi, as each sensor needs its own pin. You can however expand the amount of GPIO pins by using a MCP23017 I/O port expander. We have one in HAT layout -

    Our HAT version contains two IC's giving you an ADDITIONAL 32 I/Os. You can even stack up to 4 of these HATs to give you a total of 128 additional I/Os!
    ModMyPi LTD
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Never fear the knights that say Ni again! Use our soil moisture sensor to keep your houseplants and various bits of shrubbery in tip-top condition!

The moisture sensor board features both analogue and digital outputs. The analogue output gives a variable voltage reading that allows you to estimate the moisture content of the soil (using some maths!). The digital output gives you a simple "on" or "off" when the soil moisture content is above a certain value. The value can be set or calibrated using the adjustable on board potentiometer.

The sensor features a nickel plated anti-rust spade, and a wide sensor to ensure accurate moisture readings. The module uses the LM393 "comparator" chipset to measure the moisture content.


  • Moisture Sensor Spade
  • Moisture Sensor Comparator Board (based on LM393)
  • Included Jumper Wires
  • LED Indicators
  • Digital High/Low Output
  • Analogue Variable Voltage Output
  • Nickel Plated Anti-Rust Spade
  • Wide Sensor Area
  • M2.5 Mounting Holes
  • Spade Dimensions: 65mm x 25mm
  • Comparator Board Dimensions: 36mm x 21mm


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