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Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module

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Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module
Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module
Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module
Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module
Raspberry Pi i2c 1-Wire OWFS Expansion Module
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Connections to 1 wire board
Can I directly connect 1 sensor to the board? Or do I need the line resistor as well. I would like to put a single DS18B20 right in the screw terminals.
Matt Ward
  • Just tested with a multimeter, and DQ is pulled high, so looks like you don't need to add your own pull up resistor.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Is Active pullup present?
Hi! DS2482S allows one to have active pullup (a FET) instead of only passive (rezistor) pullup. Does this board have active pullup? Thank you!
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All the way from Sweden! The R-Pi i2c 1-Wire Expansion Module will allow you to install and use OWFS on your Raspberry Pi. OWFS is a simple and flexible program that can monitor and control the physical environment. You can write scripts to read temperature, flash lights, write to an LCD screen, log and graph and complete many other tasks.

The R-Pi i2c 1-Wire Expansion Module Features:
  • Based on DS2482S-100+
  • Part comes fully assembled - no soldering required!
  • Only uses 3 pins - 3.3V/SDL/SCA
  • Drivers included in the latest version of Raspian Wheezy. OWFS must be compiled directly on the Pi.
  • Level shifters from the R-Pi 3.3V i2c line to 5V to provide a better signal
  • i2c address is selectable by shorting pads on the board - Possible to set i2c address by shorting AD0 and / or AD1 with a little solder.
  • Up to 4 i2c 1wire modules can be connected to the Raspberry Pi.
  • The 1wire bus and power line are ESD and over-voltage protected -  reducing the risk of damaging your Raspberry Pi or the expansion module.
  • The power line is equipped with a polyfuse to prevent damage to the R-Pi in case the 1wire network is shorted
  • +5 V can be obtained directly from Raspberry Pi (JP1 closed) or connection Terminal can supply power to the card separately (JP1 open)
  • Can be connected directly to the Raspberry Pis i2c-bus without additional peripheral components.
  • The R-Pi with attached i2c to 1wire module fits in most cases, including the ModMyPi cases, PiBow, Multicomp and Cyntech Raspberry Pi Cases.
  • Size: 39x19mm
The expansion module is directly supported by OWFS,

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