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UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+)

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UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+)
UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+)
UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+)
UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+)
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Does it fit in the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display Case together with the pi and battery?
  • It'll fit but you wont be able to put the back panel on the case.
    ModMyPi LTD
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  • This: model MMP-0162
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  • Which case are you referring to?
    ModMyPi LTD
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Is the new Raspberry 3 B + supported ?
Specifically are there any clearance problems due to the POE pins or any other specific issues that should be taken into consideration using UPS pico and Rasopberry 3 B+ ?
Pra Ksija
  • So this means that judging by the description of the "Gold Plated Hardware Reset Pin", PIco cannot in fact provide the hardware reset for the watch-dog functionality, nor can it reset(restart) a PI when cable power returns during shut down procedure ? If that is the case, I suggest you provide some other form of making the contact to the newly positioned RUN pin on the PI 3B+. I'm sure there will be a new version of PIco and PIco plus, but for the time being there should be a solution. I immagine PI 3B + are going to be the standard from now.
    Pra Ksija
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  • It is compatible, with no clearance issues. However, the RUN pin has been moved and therefore the pogo pin cannot be used with the PIco. This means that the run functionality doesn't work, so the PIco cannot hard reset the Pi. All other functionality is working.
    ModMyPi LTD
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I2C and Bus
Hi, I bought my second UPS for pi that I would connect to a pizero. I understood that the pico needs I2C bus for working. I would connect to the same pizero (with the pico on hat) a pressure sensor that uses I2C too. I ask you, if the sensor has different address (should be), can I connect this sensor and let the pico work togheter on the same I2C bus? Thanks
Plan to assemble ?
I got th UPS with some items (switch, screw,...) Is there a plan to assemble all these items on the UPS ? Thanks
What pins are not useful for this ups ?
It is written : The UPS PIco Uses the Following Pins Serial Port (Firmware Updates): GPIO14 (Pin8) & GPIO15 (Pin10) i2c Port: GPIO2 (Pin3) & GPIO3 (Pin5) Pulse Train: GPIO27 (Pin13) & GPIO22 (Pin15) So can others pins be used for other things such as touch sensors ?
Laora Volpe
  • Yes that's correct, any pins not used directly by the PIco can be used as you wish.

    The I2C interface can have multiple devices attached to it, providing each device has a different address.

    ModMyPi LTD
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When will this be in stock again?
And please can I be notified? Thanjs
  • We are unable to provide stock arrival estimates.

    Please fill in the stock notification form on the product page to be notified as soon as the product is back in stock.

    ModMyPi LTD
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Pi zero?
Can it be used (as is) with the PiZero? If so, would be useful to know when it will be available as we have a project for 100x that needs a UPS that can power off at 8v and back on,if the source recovers to say 11v?
Mike Taylor
  • Yes, this works with the Pi Zero.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Will this work with retropie with the official raspberry pi on it?
  • It has only been designed to work on Rasbian (and is only supported when used on Rasbian) However, I believe RetroPie is based off of Rasbian, so you may be able to get it working.
    ModMyPi LTD
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B Revision 2 compatible?
Is this compatible with a B Rev 2, circa 2013? NOT a "2 Model B".
Keith Oborn
  • No, this is only compatible with the 40 pin header Pi's. So anything newer than (and including) The Raspberry Pi Model B+
    ModMyPi LTD
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Is here a user manual for the latest version(s) of the PIco UPS?
If so how do I get one?
  • Yes latest manuals can be found on our WiKi -
    ModMyPi LTD
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Will this phat power down the pi once the backup battery is to low?
Will this phat power down the pi once the backup battery is to low? And then power up the pi once power is restored?
  • Yes it will do both. You will need to solder the gold reset pin to make sure the PIco can restart the pin if power is restored during shutdown.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Can I set up an outside switch to power off the Pi
I want to have momentary switch that goes on the outside of my case to shutdown the pi. How can this be connected to the PICO UPS?
  • This question is better suited for our forums - 
    ModMyPi LTD
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How simple is it to setup?
Hi, Two quick questions: I need to setup a simple power supply outage system with notifications and was thinking of using a rPi with the UPS Pico. Although I can manage the rPi wihtout problem, it would be my first board addition. So how easy to setup (hardware and software) ? I also would like the rPi to send mail with the alert. Does the provided software for the UPS integrate with a simple mail send function (Postfix or more simply Mutt)? Thanks for your help, Regards
  • Setting up the PIco is nice and easy, simply follow the step-by-step instructions on how to install the required software.

    Hardware setup is super easy, just plug it in! (Some soldering is required for additional features, like the reset pin, used for restarting the Pi if it becomes unresponsive)

    The PIco software does include an email broadcasting system as well, more information on that can be found here.

    ModMyPi LTD
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Compatibility with original ModMyPi cases
Will this fit in the original ModMyPi cases sold as two part plastic mouldings when the Pi was originally released in 2012?
Paul Cheffings
  • No.
    ModMyPi LTD
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What to do if I (probably) broke my UPS PIco ?
Accidentally I shorted something on UPS Hat and smoke appeared. But the HAT is working OK accept it is not charging the battery anymore. I have hard time troubleshooting the issue without the schematic. Is the schematic available ? If no, what can I do to fix the HAT ? The Charger IC looks like it is working OK, because the voltages at its pin looks normal. But it seems that voltage on the battery connector is not following the voltage on the charger IC. From the PI I can read the charging status and it says that charging is on, but the charging led is off (so no charging current).
  • The schematic isn't available I'm afraid. It's an extremely complicated board so unless you are a very competent electronics engineer I wouldn't waste your time.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Please Note. Tighter shipping regulations relating to the shipping of battery products means this item can only be shipped in quantities of up to 2 units via Royal Mail Air services, or up to 4 units via DHL air services. There are no quantity limits to the UK and certain EU destinations via DHL ground services - your shipping options will reflect this. For a full list of available Lithium Battery shipping destinations please click here.

Update! HV3.0B+ now fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (and all previous revisions!) 

The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ Stack 450 is an advanced uninterruptible power supply for the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/3B+, that adds a wealth of innovative power back-up functionality and development features to the innovative microcomputer! The UPS PIco will automatically shut-down your Raspberry Pi if there is a power failure, and can be set to automatically monitor and reboot your Pi once power has been restored!

The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ Stack features a 5V 3A output, designed for use on the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+, and has the gold reset pin in the correct place! If you're looking for a fully enclosed solution, we've designed a nifty UPS PIco case!

The UPS PIco is equipped with a 450mAh LiPO battery specially designed to enable safe shutdown during a power cut. Additionally, this can be easily upgraded to the extended 4000mAh or 8000mAh versions, which enables prolonged use of a Raspberry Pi for up to 16 hours without a power supply connected!

The UPS PIco features an embedded measurement system that continuously checks the powering voltage of the Raspberry Pi. When the cable power on the Raspberry Pi is absent, insufficient, or the device detects a power failure, the UPS Pico automatically switches to the unit’s battery source. The module then continues to check the voltage on the Pi and switches automatically back to the regular cable supply when power is once again available.

The UPS PIco is powered and the battery pack intelligently charged via the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, so no additional cabling or power supply is required. Because the UPS Pico requires no external powering and fits within the footprint of the Raspberry Pi, it is compatible with most cases.

The UPS PIco can also be equipped with an optional Infra-Red Receiver which is routed directly to GPIO18 via the PCB for remote IR operations. Additionally the PIco includes an Automatic Temperature Control PWM FAN controller, and can be equipped with a Micro Fan Kit, which enables the use of the Raspberry Pi in extreme conditions including very high temperature environments. The UPS PIco is designed to be 100% compliant with HAT standards for the Raspberry Pi and includes a Gold Plated Reset Pin, with install locations for the Raspberry Pi Zero, B+/2 and 3.

Feature List

  • Raspberry Pi HAT Compliant
  • Plug and Play
  • Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Integrated 450mAh LiPO Battery (10-15 Minutes of Power Back-Up)
  • Interrupt Driven Interaction (Low Memory/CPU Use)
  • Software Driven Email Broadcasting
  • Intelligent Automatic Charger w/ Power Tracking
  • No Additional External Power Required
  • Supports LiPo & LiFePO4 (Long Life) Batteries
  • 5V 3A Power Backup for even the most demanding Pi 3 set ups.
  • Integrated Hardware Real Time Clock (RTC) with Battery Back-Up
  • File Safe Shutdown Functionality - Single Button On/Off
  • Raspberry Pi Zero/B+/2/3/3B+ Activity Pin
  • PWM FAN Control (Fan Not Included)
  • 3 User Defined LEDs
  • 3 User Defined Buttons
  • Integrated Buzzer for Audible Alerts (Buzzer Included but Not Soldered)
  • Status Monitoring - Powering Voltage, UPS Battery Voltage/Current and Temperature
  • I2C PICo Interface for Control and Monitoring
  • RS232 Raspberry Pi Interface for Control and Monitoring
  • 2 Level Watch-dog Functionality with FSSD and Hardware Reset
  • Raspberry Pi Hardware Reset Button via Spring Test Pin (Gold Reset Pin Included)
  • Jumpers for Raspberry Pi Pin Functionality Selection
  • Stackable Header for Add-On Boards (Header Included)
  • Boot Loader for Live Firmware Update
  • Integrated ESD-Protected 3 Channel A/D 10 Bit Converters 0-5.2V
  • Integrated ESD-Protected 1-Wire Interface
  • Labelled J8 Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins for Easy Plug & Play
  • Infra Red Receiver Sensor Interface (IR Not Included)
  • Intelligent IR Remote Power ON/OFF if IR receiver installed (Not Included)
  • Upgradable with PIco Add-on Boards
  • Fits Inside Most Existing Cases
  • Auxiliary 5V @ 750mA Power Output w/ Battery Backup; PPTC Fuse and Reverse Current Protected
  • The UPS PIco Uses the Following Pins
    • Serial Port (Firmware Updates): GPIO14 (Pin8) & GPIO15 (Pin10)
    • i2c Port: GPIO2 (Pin3) & GPIO3 (Pin5)
    • Pulse Train: GPIO27 (Pin13) & GPIO22 (Pin15)

Optional Extras (Not Included)

  • 4000mAh, 8000mAh or 12000mAh batteries; available for up to 32 Hours Run-Time. Battery Packs include mounting base.
  • Fan Kit; which includes micro fan, TO-92 Temperature sensor and mounting hardware
  • Terminal Block Add-on Board; with A/D Converter, Voltage Follower & 12V RS232 Interface
  • UPS PIco Case

Downloads & Installation Guides

UPS PIco Wiki

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