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PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt

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PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
PiJuice Solar Panel - 6 Watt
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Will this be enough to run a pi day and night
In the uk?
  • Probably not.

    It will massively depend on what the Raspberry Pi is doing, and if you have things plugged in to the USB/GPIO ports.

    When the Pi is idle, not doing anything, it'll consume roughly 1.9W but when under heavy load it can increase to 5W. As the solar panel won't be producing power during the night, a battery will need to be large enough to provide power during night, then the solar panel will need to provide enough power to the battery to charge it, whilst providing enough power to run the Pi as well.

    ModMyPi LTD
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This solar panel is designed for use with the PiJuice power platform for your Raspberry Pi. It has a regulated 5 volt USB output attached to the internal smart-power chip so it also works with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, audio players and more.

The PiJuice 6 Watt Solar panel is the ideal way to charge and/or power your PiJuice HAT and Raspberry Pi for free when you’re in a sunny location. By using a solar panel and PiJuice, containing our revolutionary PiAnywhere technology, you can truly take your Raspberry Pi off the grid!


  • Highly portable – a compact 6 watt panel that folds down and secures with magnets into a super compact size. Easy to pack up and go
  • Easily mountable – metal eye-holes in each corner (4 total) allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents
  • Has a useful velcro storage pouch for storing any essential items
  • Storage pouch cover also acts as a velcro / frabric “kick stand” for the solar panel in order to stand it up on a bench / table for maximum versatility
  • Lightweight – The panel weighs only 320 grams
  • Water resistant up to IPX4 rating
  • Incredibly durable stitching and construction
  • One Regulated 5v/1A USB output – it works with your PiJuice, smartphones, tablets, audio players and more!
  • Features SunPower solar panels which provide industry-leading solar conversion efficiency

Technical Information

  • Solar panel – 5.5 volts / 6 watts
  • Regulated Max output – 5 volts / 5 watts
  • Single USB max output – 5 watts
  • Built in smart-power chip
  • Boxed dimensions – 17.3 x 17.7 x 3.5cm
  • Unboxed, folded dimensions – 16.3 x 15.6 x 2.5cm
  • Unboxed, unfolded dimensions – 32.8 x 15.6 x 2.4cm
  • Boxed weight – 300g
  • Unboxed weight – 237g
  • Country of origin – China
  • CE and FCC tested

What’s inside

  • PiJuice Solar Panel – 6 Watt
  • USB to microUSB Cable
  • User Manual

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