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RasPiO FullpHat - Dual pHAT Stacker

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RasPiO FullpHat - Dual pHAT Stacker
RasPiO FullpHat - Dual pHAT Stacker
RasPiO FullpHat - Dual pHAT Stacker
RasPiO FullpHat - Dual pHAT Stacker
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Is it possible to get assembled ones?
For those who are not so handy with a soldering iron (small people for example) it would be great to have assembled versions.
  • Unfortunately not, this only comes as a kit
    ModMyPi LTD
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The RasPiO FullpHAT is a HAT-sized board that enables you to connect 2 x pHATs to your Raspberry Pi, and breaks out the available GPIO pins.

As with all RasPiO boards, the connections are labelled in a large, easy-to-read font. There are also lots of options for adding extra headers or soldering wires to the board (to suit your project). The GPIO ports are broken out twice in addition to the two pHAT headers. There are extra holes for power and GND as well.

Please Note. This board comes unassembled, and requires some simple soldering to assemble.

Two pHATs are slightly wider (~4mm) than a standard HAT, so when you put two pHATs on, one of them will stick out a bit over the edge.

RasPiO Full pHAT lets you... 

  • connect two pHATs to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports
  • connect a pHAT + a HAT to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports
  • break out the Pi GPIO ports multiple times with large, clear labels it opens up a lot of possibilities for combining boards into a project, even with two pHATs in use at the same time, you still have 19 other GPIO ports unused. With RasPiO FullpHAT, you can access and use them for your projects.

The stacking header is 2x20 with the body 8.5mm high and the pins 10.25mm high. Remembering that the PCB is 1.6mm thick, this will leave 8.65mm protruding above the board. This is about the same protrusion as a regular Raspberry Pi header.

Should you wish to make your project as 'low-profile' as possible you could solder the Full pHAT directly to the Pi and eliminate the main header altogether (works best with Pi Zero). But make sure you've done any soldering you need to on the underside of the PCB first.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x RasPiO FullpHat PCB
  • 1 x Stacking Header (Body 8.5mm, Pins 10.25mm)
  • 1 x 2 x 20 Male Header
  • Nylon Standoffs & Nuts (2 of Each) 

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