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ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board w/ HAT Area

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ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board w/ HAT Area
ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board w/ HAT Area
ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board w/ HAT Area
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GPIO numbering
Hi, the numbering of the pins on the board seems to be opposite to the Raspberry PI numbering. (when connected like in the picture - it's connected up side down) Is there a difference how I connect it?
  • The picture of the Sense HAT connected to the board, is of the correct orientation, and the pin numbering matches. If you are having trouble using this board, please head over to our forums for technical support - 

    ModMyPi LTD
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NEW GPIO numbers in our code!
Hi. Thanks for your awesome product. I really appreciate if you could tell me how can I specify a pin number while all numbers are same? Am I missing something!? My purpose of buying this product was to expand number of open GPIO pins in order to connect different sensors. and control them using separate GPIO pin numbers. Thanks
  • This board does not increase the amount of different GPIO pins. It simply duplicates them. If you want more than 40 GPIO pins then you will want to look at our MCP23017 HAT
    ModMyPi LTD
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This triple GPIO multiplexing expansion plate is perfect for sharing GPIO pins between applications and circuits! It's often fiddly to combine multiple breakout boards onto the standard single Pi GPIO header, but with the expansion plate, it's a breeze. Simply plug the replicator board into your Pi and plug any additional circuits or breakout boards into additional headers! This board is fully assembled and comes with 3 x 40 Pin headers, so you'll have up to 4 x 40 Pin GPIO arrays to add "stuff" to your Raspberry Pi.

This board has a HAT mounting area, so you can mount two HATs on a single Raspberry Pi, and still have GPIO's to spare!

The product comes fully assembled with our push-fit "plug & play" Single Shroud HeaderSocket Header, and 14mm HAT Mounting Kit, so there's no soldering required.

ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board with HAT Area

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