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Raspberry Pi AD/DA Expansion Board (PCF8591T)

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Raspberry Pi AD/DA Expansion Board (PCF8591T)
Raspberry Pi AD/DA Expansion Board (PCF8591T)
Raspberry Pi AD/DA Expansion Board (PCF8591T)

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The AD/DA module is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi, and communicates with RPi through the I2C bus. The module supplies 4 ADC channels through the header on the left side of module and the thermistor interface. The user can choose which channels to use. The module is easy to use even you don’t know how to write C code, because the module supports wiringPi so you can use shell script to control it! There is a LED light on the board that you can adjust the brightness of through DA. 

Produce Features:

  •   PCF8591T chip
  •   DA/AD in one module
  •   8bit high resolution DA/AD
  •   Compatible with wiringPi
  •   Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.
  •   Supply thermistor and photoresistance


  •   Raspberry Pi connection port
  •   Thermistor interface
  •   4 external analog channel
  •   Electric level switch jumper
  •   LED of DA choice jumper

Product Parameters:

  •   Working voltage: 2.5V-6.0V
  •   8-bit successive approximation A/D conversion
  •   Multiplying DAC with one analog output
  •   Analog voltage range from Vss to VDD
  •   4 analog inputs configurable as single ended or differential inputs
  •   Max sampling rate given by I2C-bus speed
  •   −40°C to +85°C operation


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