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Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power

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Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power
Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power
Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power
Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power
Nwazet Key Lime Pi: GPIO - Analog - FTDI - Power
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Are there aby assembly instructions available
I've got a nice little bag of parts, and no documents at all. There doesn't seem be any directions on where to solder what (I'm sure I can figure it out, but tracing PCB tracks wasn't what I had in mind). Failing that, a schematic? I see the Open Source Hardware logo, but neither this site nor's record of seem to help.
Richard Ash
  • The Eagle schematic and board files have been added to the downloads section of the product page.
    ModMyPi LTD
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GPIO, analog inputs, FTDI serial connector and external power? Oh My!
The 'Key Lime Pi' kit breaks out the Raspberry Pi's GPIO connector, adds eight 10-bit analog inputs, converts the Pi's serial interface into a standard FTDI connector and allows for external power headers to be added if desired (standard 0.1" pin headers and JST-PH vertical header).
Analog readings are as fast and accurate as possible, thanks to the Pi's SPI interface (hardwired to CE0), a proper ground plane and a stabilized ADC power supply. If more than eight analog inputs are needed for a project, chaining to another 'Nwazet Key Lime Pi' board is possible by interconnecting the GND, MOSI, MISO, SCLK and CE1 lines with jumper wires.
For prototyping, the 'Key Lime Pi' board maximizes the real-estate available on small breadboards by hugging the center divider, leaving four rows out of five available for wiring.
For embedding a project into a permanent fixture, the board features three mounting holes, placed on a standard 5mm grid.
  • Nwazet Key Lime Pi PCB
  • 16 position DIL IC socket (649-DILB16P-223TLF)
  • 8 channel SPI ADC (MCP3008)
  • 1uF 10V ceramic capacitor (FK18X5R1A105K)
  • 2x 0.1" pin header (40 pins)
  • Height: 38mm (1.49")
  • Width: 85mm (3.34")
  • Material: FR4
  • Thickness: 1.57mm (0.062")
  • Plating Finish: ENIG
  • Copper Weight: 2oz
  • 3 mounting holes


Nwazet Key Lime Pi - Reading Analog Inputs


KeyLimePi Eagle Files (48.90 KB) Download

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