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ModMyPi Serial HAT (RS232)

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ModMyPi Serial HAT (RS232)
ModMyPi Serial HAT (RS232)
ModMyPi Serial HAT (RS232)
ModMyPi Serial HAT (RS232)
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Setup with case and additional breakout
Hi, I would like to set the serial port up with the "52Pi - Mini Precision Real Time Clock" into your "ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case". I would like to know: 1. How many case expanders required? 2. Is it possible to cut out part of the expander so the serial port will be available for usage? 3. Any additional parts required? 4. Is it possible to connect the RTC on top of the Serial ? Thank you, Avishay
Suitability with coupe case
I have a Pi3 with your coupe case. What standoffs / screws do I require to attach this hat?
David Arthurs
  • You'll want to use M2.5 screws long enough to go all the way through the coupe case and into the stand offs, so about 18mm. As for the stand offs, they will also need to be M2.5 but a length of about 8mm
    ModMyPi LTD
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The Serial HAT from ModMyPi features a Male DB9 RS232 port connected to the Pi's UART pins via a MAX3232 IC. The MAX3232 IC converts the Pi's UART port to RS232, which enables serial communication with any RS232 compatible serial device!

RS232 is a legacy serial communication standard used in millions of devices globally including: printers, modems, data terminals, interface devices (keyboards/joysticks/mice), medical equipment, servers, instrumentation, industrial control equipment (PLC's, CNC, embedded computers), microcontroller development kits, service access points, sensor interfaces and many more! Many are being superseded by USB or even Bluetooth Low Energy but RS232 is still used in a lot of places and on loads of legacy equipment!

You can connect to the RS232 port on the Serial HAT via the male DB9 port (through use of a serial/null-modem cable) or via the TX/RX/GND solder points on the Serial HAT PCB. The Serial HAT can also be used for remote terminal access to your Raspberry Pi using a computer. You'll need a Female to Female Null Modem Cable, and a Serial to USB cable to achieve this!

The product comes fully assembled with our push-fit "plug & play" Single Shroud HeaderSocket Header, and 14mm HAT Mounting Kit, so there's no soldering required, and the serial port is designed to work with the HighPi Raspberry Pi Case.



MAX3232 Data Sheet

Set Up & Configuration

Pinout Diagram

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