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ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)

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ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
ModMyPi Modular RPi 2/3 Case (Black)
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Which HAT Standoffs?
Which standoffs do you recommend in order to be able to secure a Pi 3B+ into the Modular Case and to then mount a POE HAT (or indeed any other HAT)? Thanks
  • The stand offs are dependant on the HAT you are going to use. 99% of the time stand offs will be provided with the HAT.
    ModMyPi LTD
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How well does the case with shrouds fair with dissipation of heat?
  • Good enough :) Your Pi won't over heat in normal conditions.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Does this case fit the Asus tinker board?
Hello I want a case for my asus tinker board and I like this one because I can customize the logo. Does it fit the asus tinker board? Both of them have the same size and format essentially. p.s. do i have to attach the custom logo at checkout? when do i do that?
  • It might fit, but we have not tested it.

    For logo customisation, please read this -

    ModMyPi LTD
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Drawings or CAD models of enclosure?
Is it possible to obtain 3D models or perhaps just outer dim drawings of the enclosure? I have an application where I'd like to be able to have an accurate model for evaluating fitment before committing to the design and submitting to our fab shop. Your cases look great and hopefully we'll be buying some very soon!
Using A piface digital 2
Hi, I would like to use a Raspberry Pi B+, a piface digital 2 and a piface RTC. This is the only case I can find that is suitable with the 10mm spacer, however there are no cutouts for the pushbuttons and relays Can you help please
M Boyle
  • Whilst we don't offer direct compatibility, we've had many customers simply modify the case themselves, either cutting or drilling out sections to meet their specific needs.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Replacement screws for the lid
Can you supply spare screws for the lid or provide me the screw size please.
Toby Lerone
  • They are 2.8mm x 28mm with a self-tapping thread. We do have spares which we can provide if you could please send us an email via our contact form -
    ModMyPi LTD
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how do i fit the pi into the case
It seems whenever I try to fit the case the pi always catches on something
  • The Pi needs to be entered at a slight angle. Line the power/hdmi/headphone ports up with the cut outs in the case then press the GPIO side of the Pi down into place.
    ModMyPi LTD
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New Updated Version  - Compatible with both Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 with Dual Light Pipes! The ModMyPi Modular Raspberry Pi case!

Our new deluxe Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B case is a fully customisable and adaptable modular unit aimed to suit a range of Raspberry Pi applications. Designed with a stealth look and integrated LED lights pipes, it’s the perfect accessory to any Raspberry Pi enthusiast’s tool kit!

The Modular Case comes equipped with a range of customisable modular features including optional optical window, stackable 10mm spacer plates, micro SD card cover, dual-use USB & HDMI security shroud, secure screw locking, VESA adaptors, and internal SD card holder.

Spacer plates are designed to be stacked up to 5 spacers high, so you can grow your Pi case with your project! Additional Screws are Required for more than 1 Spacer.

The ModMyPI Modular RPi Case Features:

  • Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B and B+ Two Part (Lid & Base) Plastic Case
  • LED Status Light Pipes
  • Stealth Streamlined Look - Spouse Tested & Confirmed
  • Clip Fit Raspberry Pi Mount with Optional Screw Locking (Included)
  • Positive and Secure Case Locking via Screws (Included)
  • Designed for Hacking - Extra Large Internal Room for Breakout Boards
  • Airflow - Internal Volume Perfect for Adding Heat Sinks & Keeping your Pi Cool
  • GPIO 40 Pin Ribbon Cable Slot
  • CSI Camera Cable Cable Slot
  • DSI LCD Video Cable Slot
  • GPIO Fly-Through Cable Slot for Smart Power Supply Switches
  • Additional Internal SD Card Holder
  • In-Built Four Point 50mm M3 Mount & Two Point 40mm M3 Wall Mount Features
  • Matt Finish Body with Gloss Cap
  • Optical See-Through Window (Clear Version Only)
  • Available in a Range of Colours Including Black, Blue, Clear, White and Raspberry
  • Designed in the UK
  • Strong & Durable ABS Plastic
  • Case Dimensions:

    • Length: 104.95mm
    • Width: 74.95mm
    • Height: 36.00mm
  • Internal Dimensional Volume for Breakout Boards:

    • Length: 90.00mm
    • Width: 58.50mm
    • Height*: 25.70mm (*Measured from Top of RPi PCB to Internal Top of Lid)
    • Internal Volume HAT Compliant

Modular Add-On Options Include the Following:

  • Micro SD Card Cover
    • Flush, Lockable and Tamper-Proof.
    • Secure your Micro SD Card from Probing Fingers
    • Protect your Micro SD Card from Accidental Knocks & Bangs
  • 10mm Stackable Spacers
    • Makes Your Case Compatible with 99% of Breakout Boards
    • Spacers Raise Internal Height by 10mm Enabling the Case to Grow with your Project
    • Spacers can be Stacked Increasing Internal Height by up to 50mm or more!
    • Great for Embedded Applications, and Hobbyist Projects
  • USB & HDMI Security Cover
    • Dual-Use - Compatible with Either Set of I/O Ports e.g. HDMI or USB Side
    • Secure and Tamper-Proof
    • RJ45 & Micro USB Power Breakout Hatches
    • Off-Set to Enable the Use & Internal Protection of up to 4 Nano USB Dongles!
  • VESA Mounts


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