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Pi-Top - Speaker MK2

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Pi-Top - Speaker MK2
Pi-Top - Speaker MK2
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Can I use two to have one use the left channel and the other the right to have true stereo sound?
Want to know if they can be setup seperately to use left and right sound to have true stereo sound
Mel Chandler
  • Is there a switch to do this on the Mk2, I can't see one. If not, is it done by software config?
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  • Yes these can be setup as a stero pair: Left, Right and Mono mix selection
    ModMyPi LTD
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With just 1 "Pi-Top - Speaker MK2" can I have stereo sound? If I buy 2, can I have true stereo sound? In the latter case, can I have one Speaker physically on the left side of the laptop whereas the other on the right side of the laptop?
With the 2 speakers configuration, I would like to know if the improvement in the sound is noticeable. As a side question, in my Pi-Top v2, I have listened to sound with headphones (and I tried different headphones), but I have always a background noise, even when no sound is being played. Is this normal? Can I do something to solve this issue? Thanks, Best regards.
Paulo Carmo
  • With only 1 speaker you can only have mono audio... You can play stero sound through it but it will only be mono.

    Each add-on for the Pi-Top has to be connected to the previous. So the only way to space out the speakers is to have some other add-ons in between them.

    For technical support please contact Pi-Top -
    ModMyPi LTD
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Please note: This is the MK2 speaker is the newest speaker which is compatible with the Pi-Top 2 (and all other pitops!)

Pi-topSpeaker is a speaker module which you can add onto the Modular Rail of your Pi-Top 2, Pi-Top or Pi-Top CEED. Now your pi-top can have sound!

The speaker can be set to mono or stereo (left and right) output using a switch on the bottom. As with all our add-ons, speakers can be daisy-chained together on the Modular Rail.

Pi-Top Speaker Features:

  • Modular design, attach up to 3 in a row
  • Left, Right and Mono mix selection
  • High-quality SPDIF digital audio from HDMI
  • 2 W per module
  • I2C controlled

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