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Pimoroni Drum HAT

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Pimoroni Drum HAT
Pimoroni Drum HAT
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So he has a keyboard and sd card. I will need to get a Raspberry Pi, but in regards to the connecting wires, what of those do I need if any? I really have no idea what goes along with this and want to get him everything he needs to start using it straight away. A list of items i require would be so useful, then I can eliminate the items he has and buy the ones he needs :) thanks and my apologies for being a total newbie
Leanne Dickenson
  • Raspberry Pi

    SD Card

    Power Supply

    HDMI Cable to connect to TV or monitor


    Probably a case (to protect the Pi)

    Connection to the internet, either over WiFi (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has built in WiFi) or via a wired connection (you will need an ethernet cable for wired connection)

    You won't need any wires to connect the Drum HAT as this just plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header

    ModMyPi LTD
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Im buying this as a gift. What is needed to use this? I assume a Raspberry Pi... but is there anything else i need to get to go along with the gift?
  • There are a few things you will need, like an SD card, Power Supply, Keyboard/Mouse.... Depends what you already have at home.

    Check out our set-up kits to get everything you need -

    ModMyPi LTD
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Break out a cold sweat with Drum HAT, an 8-pad Raspberry Pi drum-kit that lets your fingers think they're Stubblefield.

Drum HAT is the much-requested companion to Piano HAT. It uses the same cap touch sensor to provide 8 finger-sized drum pads.

Use it to play music in Python, control software drum synths on your Pi, take control of hardware drum machines, or just build it into an elaborate drum-controlled project.

Drum HAT is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+ and A+ and comes fully assembled, with a trove of examples to get you started.


  • 8 touch sensitive buttons
  • 8 LEDs (let them light automagically, or take control with Python)
  • Works with Piano HAT

8 touch sensitive buttons - Each button on Drum HAT can be individually watched in Python and used to trigger anything from sounds to elaborate machines that even Rube Goldberg couldn't conceive.

8 LEDs - We've hidden 8 LEDs underneath Drum HAT and added carefully designed ( we drew circles ) light channels so that every pad can light up with a tap but none of the LEDs get in your way. It creates a really cool under-lighting effect, too!

Works with Piano HAT - It's been made sure Drum HAT and Piano HAT could be used together on the same Pi. All you need is a little creative wiring or the help of a Black HAT Hack3r or two.

Break out the beats - Use with a variety of drum sequencers, both hardware and software, play .wav samples with PyGame, or create your own touch-controlled projects.

Hey Pros! - Using Python you can make Drum HAT output regular MIDI commands via a USB to MIDI adapter and take control of your hardware synth gear.

Full Python library, documentation and examples - Head on over to our Drum HAT GitHub repository to find a Python library, examples and more:

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