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Adafruit Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier

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Adafruit Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier
Adafruit Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier
Adafruit Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier
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Compatability with Pi Zero
Hi, I want to add stereo audio output to the pi zero. Is this board compatible for this feature? Where can I follow instructions to set it up? Thanks in advance.
  • This is just an amplifier, you provide it with a stereo signal, and it will output a stereo signal.

    You could wire this up to the Pi via a butchered 3.5mm audio cable but I'm not sure of the quality. Your best bet for good quality stereo sound is to look into the DAC HATs/pHATs

    ModMyPi LTD
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This incredibly small stereo amplifier is surprisingly powerful - able to deliver 2 x 2.8W channels into 4 ohm impedance speakers (@ 10% THD). Inside the miniature chip is a class D controller, able to run from 2.7V-5.5VDC. Since the amp is a class D, it's incredibly efficient (89% efficient when driving an 8Ω speaker at 1.5 Watt) - making it perfect for portable and battery-powered projects. It has built in thermal and over-current protection. This board is a welcome upgrade to basic "LM386" amps! 
The inputs of the amplifier go through 1.0uF capacitors, so they are fully 'differential' - if you don't have differential outputs, simply tie the R- and L- to ground. The outputs are "Bridge Tied" - that means they connect directly to the outputs, no connection to ground. The output is a ~300KHz square wave PWM that is then 'averaged out' by the speaker coil - the high frequencies are not heard. All the above means that you can't connect the output into another amplifier, it should drive the speakers directly. 
Comes with a fully assembled and tested breakout board with 1.0uF input capacitors. It also includes a dual mini DIP switch for setting the amplifier gain on the fly, 3.5mm screw-terminal blocks so you can easily attach/detach your speakers, and some header in case you want to plug it into a breadboard. You will be ready to rock in 15 minutes! Speakers are not included, use any 4 ohm or 8 ohm impedance speakers. 
  • Output Power: 2.8W at 4Ω, 10% THD, 1.7W at 8Ω, 10% THD, with 5V Supply
  • PSRR: 70 dB typ @ 217 Hz with 6 dB gain
  • Designed for use without an output filter, when wires are kept at under 2"-4" long
  • Four pin-selectable gains: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB. Select with the onboard switches or by setting the G0 and G1 breakout pins
  • Excellent click-and-pop suppression
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Independent channel shutdown
  • Low current draw: 5mA quiescent and 2uA in shutdown mode
  • Dimensions: 22.96mm / 0.9" x 28.33mm / 1.11" x 4.97mm / 0.19"
  • Weight: 2.56g


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