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New Link 4 Port USB Hub - UK 5V 2A

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New Link 4 Port USB Hub - UK 5V 2A
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UE adaptor
Is it connected to the main 220 V via a cable? in which I just need to replace the connector. But if this is directly attached to the case, I would certainly need an adaptor (not very esthetic though, and takes space). A. Bonissent
Alain Bonisent
  • This connects to main via a detachable cable
    ModMyPi LTD
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will it work with raspberry pi compute module?
  • This won't work directly with the compute module as it doesn't have a USB port. However, when used in conjunction with the I/O Dev Board, this will work just fine.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Is the backfeed protection in the cable or the PCB
Hello I had stored away this hub, and have recently collected it again. However I am not sure if it is now backfeeding into my Pi, as I am not using the USB A -> B cable that came with it. Could it be backfeeding if I am using an standard cable usb cable, and not the cable that came with the adapter?
  • It's the HUB itself that doesn't back-feed power. So you can use any USB cable with it and you'll be fine.
    ModMyPi LTD
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Using your hub with laptop
Hi - your hub spec is how all hubs should be! But, would it be OK to use for powering an external USB 2.5 sata drive from my laptop? Many thanks,
Colin Culpitt
  • Yep, should be fine :)
    ModMyPi LTD
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The New Link 4 Port USB Hub, is the ideal hub to both power your Raspberry Pi and expand the number of USB ports it has . Fully tested for compatibility, the 4 port hub lets your connect up to four USB devices to your Raspberry Pi, and includes a 5v power adaptor, for use with high powered devices.

This USB hub DOES NOT back-feed power in to the Raspberry Pi's USB ports. Poor quality hubs will back-feed power into the Raspberry Pi USB ports. Not only can this blow the poly fuses on the Pi and cause reboots, it can also cause bad writes on to your SD card and corrupt OS installations.

Simply put, this hub is AWESOME, and probably one of the best 4 port hubs to use with the Raspberry Pi.


  • Fully tested for compatibility with the Raspberry Pi
  • Can provide power to your Raspberry Pi.
  • Fully CE Approved Hub and Adaptor (No bursting into flames)
  • Protects your Pi by not back-feeding current in to your Pi's USB ports.
  • Supports over-current protection
  • Supports high speed (480Mbps), full speed (12Mbps) and low speed (1.5Mbps) transfer rates
  • Truly plug and play automatic system configuration
  • Chains up to 127 USB devices
  • USB and ACPI compliant.
  • Includes a 5V 2A power supply.  Input: 220-240V. Length:1.5m (5.5mm/2.1mm Plug)
  • Includes a 0.8m USB A to USB B Data Cable
  • Size 10.5cm x 7cm x 2.5cm (L x W x H)

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