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BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Unsoldered)

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BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Unsoldered)
BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Unsoldered)
BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Unsoldered)
BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Unsoldered)
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What is the pin spacing and maximum input Amperage?
What is the pin spacing between the pins on the Terminal block, female headers and the 3 pin pcb? I would like to make my own PCB breadboard that includes a 5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack for 12v input. Also, what is the maximum input Amperage allowed?
  • The terminal block has a pitch of 5mm. The female header and 3 pin have a pitch of 2.54mm.

    Amps are (kind of) "requested" by the device, so you could have a 500A power supply and it will only provide enough current that the device needs.

    You can work out the minimum input current like so (this will be different depending on your input voltage):

    Output power is 7.5W (P=IV, 7.5=1.5*5)
    Efficiency of the device is ~90% so your input power needs to be about ~ 8.33W

    If your input voltage is 10V then your minimum input current should be 0.833A (I = P/V, 0.833 = 8.33 / 10)
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Used like a hat?
So.. if I were to buy the unsoldered kit and solder the 6 pin terminal on the bottom of the batborg, would it be plugged directly into the gpio like a hat? Being restricted to having to use jumper cables, like this, seems a bit inconvenient?
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The BattBorg is a plug and play power converter for your Raspberry Pi which allows you to power the Raspberry Pi with batteries!  It's great for robot projects, or where you need to leave you Pi unmanned for extended periods without a wired power source (outside sensor projects etc.)

The BattBorg uses a highly efficient (~90%) OKI78SR DCDC converter which has a maximum 1.5A output and, due to it's efficiency, requires no heatsink. It will work with most batteries/battery packs that are between 7-36V so it's great for 12V car batteries, 8xAA battery packs, and so on. 

BattBorg comes in several different kits. This purchase is for the Unsoldered BattBorg PCB, and a 3-pin cable. The BattBorg in this kit requires soldering (but you can do so in your own configuration!) and you'll need to supply your own battery pack. Then all you need is a Raspberry Pi, and batteries, and you're ready to roll!

BattBorg Features:

  • Unsoldered PCB Only Kit Includes:
    • Unassembled & Unsoldered BattBorg PCB
    • 3 Pin Cable M/F Cable
    • Mounting Pillar & Screw
  • 5V 1.5A Max Output
  • ~90% Efficient
  • Compatible with battery packs (or batteries) between 7V - 36V
  • Plugs into GPIO Pins 2, 4 & 6
  • Up to 14 Hours Run-Time @ 15% Load (8 x AA Batteries)
  • Compatible with Model A, B, A+, B+, 2, 3, Zero, ZeroW

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