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Onion Breadboard Dock

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Onion Breadboard Dock
Onion Breadboard Dock
Onion Breadboard Dock
Onion Breadboard Dock
Onion Breadboard Dock
Onion Breadboard Dock

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The Breadboard Dock is the perfect solution for building breadboard circuits with the Omega. This Dock can be plugged into a breadboard, and the pins of the dock are mapped 1-to-1 as on the Omega.

The Breadboard Dock provides power to the Omega via a Micro-USB port that takes in 5V. This voltage is stepped down to the 3.3V required to power the Omega.

All of the Omega’s pins are broken out via a breadboard header. You can use this Dock with your own circuits, custom embedded applications, or just for hacking!

The Breadboard Dock Features:

  • The Breadboard Header
    • The breadboard header is the part that connects the Dock to your breadboard.
    • Breadboards have a slot in the middle that divides them in left and right halves. Position the Dock’s pins along the length of the slot and line up the pins so that they land on each side of the breadboard.
  • The MicroUSB Port
    • The Micro-USB Port is used to supply power to the Dock, which in turn supplies power to the Omega.
    • The Micro-USB Port takes in 5V, and the Dock comes equipped with a voltage regulator to step the voltage down to 3.3V required for the Omega.
  • Reset button
    • The Reset Button on the Dock is connected directly to the Omega’s Reset GPIO. Pressing this button do one of two things: reboot, or factory restore.
  • Reboot
    • Momentarily pressing the reset button and letting go will initiate a reboot of the Omega OS.
  • Factory Restore
    • Pressing and holding the reset button for 10 seconds then releasing will trigger a factory restore.
    • Warning: This will reset your Omega to the default filesystem of the last firmware update, this will delete ALL of your data!


Onion Omega2 Documentation

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