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Onion Arduino Dock R2

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Onion Arduino Dock R2
Onion Arduino Dock R2
Onion Arduino Dock R2
Onion Arduino Dock R2
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Does the Arduino Dock provide the Onion board with a regulated 3.3V power supply?
The Onion board requires a regulated 3.3V power supply. Does the Arduino Dock provide this? What power supply does the Dock itself require?
  • Yes :)

    The MicroUSB Port is used to supply power to the Arduino Dock, which in turn supplies power to the Omega and the ATmega328P chip.

    The MicroUSB Port receives 5V power and uses it directly to power the ATmega328P chip. The Dock comes equipped with a voltage regulator to step the voltage down to the required 3.3V for the Omega.M

    ModMyPi LTD
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The Arduino Dock R2 is a full Arduino Uno that allows your Omega2 to control the Arduino chip through a serial connection. It lets you to make use of all of your existing Arduino Shields and you can program it with the Arduino IDE, just like any other Arduino! We’ve also broken out the Omega2’s GPIOs, so you can use Expansions with the Arduino Dock R2 once you solder down the headers.


Compatible with all Omega Expansions. Extend the functionality of your Omega by connecting one of our plug and play Expansions.



Onion Omega2 Documentation

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