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In 2011, Fabien Royer & Bertrand Le Roy co-founded Nwazet, a technology development business shaped around a passion for openness, originality and creativity in electronic engineering and product design. Before launching Nwazet, they were members of the Microsoft team who built ASP.NET, contributed defense-in-depth features in Windows and its networking stack, and built many Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live features.

After three years of successfully bringing a range of imaginative and inventive concepts to life via Nwazet, it became evident that life goals were taking them in different directions. With this realisation, the pair made the difficult decision to dissolve Nwazet in order to pursue future dreams and ambitions independently.

As a group of fellow Maker enthusiasts with parallel core values, a decision was made by the ModMyPi team to keep the lifeblood of Nwazet alive. In order to achieve this, ModMyPi will continue to manufacture and distribute Nwazet’s complete range of products, host the entirety of their web content, and continue contributing to Nwazet’s legacy.

As part of the dissolution of Nwazet as a company, the Nwazet brand will cease to exist, the result being that all Nwazet owned products will be rebranded under ModMyPi. With that said, in order to maintain continuity, all parts will be manufactured to the same specification and design files used by Nwazet.

We hope to do justice to the high standards customers have come to expect from Nwazet products and, of course let past, present and future customers take advantage of our global distribution network and dedicated customer care. If you have any queries regarding the acquisition, please don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]

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