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Nwazet Touch Display Module

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Nwazet Touch Display Module

Please note that we are no longer able to produce this Touch Display module due to the declining demand for Netduino products

Product Description

Designed from the ground up for Netduino GO! boards, the [nwazet Touch Display Module is a bright, fine-pitched, 2.8", 240 x 320 TFT LCD screen capable of displaying up to 262K colors and features a resistive touchscreen.

Powered by an ARM Cortex-M3 processor running at 120 Mhz, our Touch Display Module is extremely responsive and ideal for building graphical user interfaces for your Netduino GO! applications.

C# Software Library

We wanted to offer more than raw power and bright colors: we wanted our Display Module to be incredibly simple to use too. To this end, we provide a lean and easy to use C# interface for driving the Touch Display Module with basic drawing commands, bitmap display commands, touch events handlers, keyboard entry and custom user interface widgets.

[nwazet nutshell: free visual screen designer and C# code generator for your Touch Display Module

We all know that designing a polished user-interface by crafting code can be a slow and tedious process. So, we created a visual design tool called [nwazet nutshell for our Touch Display module:Nutshell offers access to most of the features supported by the Touch Display's API and generates the corresponding C# code on the fly for you. Just copy/paste the resulting code in Visual Studio when you're done! You can try out Nutshell right now without having to install anything since the tool runs JavaScript in your web browser. We promise you that you'll never go back to the old way of crafting a user interface on your microcontroller after you discover NutshellNutshell is easy and intuitive: check out our tutorial and hit the ground running with your Touch Display.

The Nutshell source code is on GitHub.


Assembling Procedure

This simple tutorial describes the 3-step process for assembling a Touch Display Module.

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