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RPi Proto - Solder Sucker (Pump) - Anti-Static Tip

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RPi Proto - Solder Sucker (Pump) - Anti-Static Tip
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Where does the solder go?
This may sound really stupid, but where does all the solder go? Does it solidify inside and can it be removed and reused or does it eventually fill up with solder or something? Thanks for any help.
Louis P
  • Thanks for the help. Should of worded the question better, I meant re use the solder sucker but it looks like you can according to your helpful answer. Thanks again, Louis P
    Louis P
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  • Ah yes, sorry. The sucker is reusable :)
    ModMyPi LTD
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  • The solder gets sucked up inside and solidifies. You can unscrew the nozzle and empty it. I wouldn't want to reuse the solder though :)
    ModMyPi LTD
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Yes, solder sucker is the official name! This 'desoldering vacuum pump' is used to clean up little soldering mistakes!

This one's metal, not that horrible plastic, so it will last longer, look nicer and more importantly, work! It also features an Anti-Static Tip which will protect sensitive components during the desoldering process!

How does it work?

Simply press the piston into the vacuum (which will engage it), heat up the piece of solder you want removed until it's molten, hold the tip of the solder sucker as close as possible to that solder, and press the side button to suck it up! The remaining solder can then be cleaned up using some wick!


  • Full aluminium construction (with plastic buttons)
  • Anti-Static Tip to Protect Components
  • PTFE Nozzle
  • Length - 194mm
  • Diameter - 20mm
  • Tip Hole Diameter - 3.2mm

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