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Arduino Power Supply - 12V 2A - High Voltage (Universal)

Product Code: MMP-0085

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Arduino Power Supply - 12V 2A - High Voltage (Universal)
How do I power my Arduino? How do I power my Arduino? Sep 18, 2015 At ModMyPi we offer a range of different micro-development boards, which all require slightly different power sources! Some are very stringent in their required..

Looking for an Arduino Power Supply? You're in the right place! The Arduino is very flexible when it comes to power requirements, and is able to operate via the DC Barrel Jack on a supply of 6 to 20V. However, if the board is supplied with less than 7V, the unit’s performance could become unstable, and the 5V I/O pin may end up supplying less than 5V, which could cause additional circuitry to function incorrectly. Vice versa, using an over-voltage power supply up to 20V will cause the regulators on the board to run at full-whack, dissipating the extra voltage as heat. This is both inefficient, and could cause over-heating of the Arduino!

Therefore, the recommended voltage is 9V to 12V. This is a nice middle ground which enables the board regulators to easily dissipate any unrequired energy, and additionally supply the correct voltage to the various I/O pins on the Arduino.

It should be noted. The Vin pin on the Power Pins I/O will copy the voltage input supplied through the power jack, and act as an output of that voltage. In this way, you effectively have a customisable output voltage pin on the Arduino which will replicate the input voltage of your power supply. We stock two different types depending on your application; 9V and a higher voltage 12V supply. Both will work perfectly well, but we recommend the 9V unit for "most" applications, unless you know that you need the 12V supply and have a specific application in mind.

Our Arduino Power Supplies are centre positive DC Barrel Plug 5.5mm/2.1mm and come in a Universal package, containing a UK 3 Pin, EU 2 Pin, US 2 Pin and AUS 2 Pin adaptor for use all over the world!


  • 12V Output
  • 2A Operating Current
  • DC (Direct Current)
  • Centre Positive 
  • Barrel Plug Inside Diameter (ID): 2.1mm
  • Barrel Plug Outside Diameter (ID): 5.5mm
  • LED Power Indicator​
  • Input: 100-240V @ 50~60Hz
  • Ripple Voltage: 50mV Max
  • Lead Length: 1m
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