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TS922IN: Op Amp - Dual Rail-to-Rail (2.7 to 12V @ 80mA Output)

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TS922IN: Op Amp - Dual Rail-to-Rail (2.7 to 12V @ 80mA Output)

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When you need to amplify, filter, add, or otherwise manipulate analog signals you'll certainly want an operational amplifier (Op Amp) at your side. 
The TS922IN's DIP package is very easy to work with on a breadboard or perfboard, and has two amplifiers inside. It can run from voltages as low as 2.7V and up to 12V. It has rail to rail input and output, which is a common problem for beginners who don't know how to bias op amps (cheaper op-amps such as the LM358 can't handle a full range of input voltage!) 4 MHz gain bandwidth & 1V/us slew so you can drive fairly fast signals. Best of all it has a beefy output that can push up to 80mA, so you can drive small speakers and headphones directly. 
Great for amplifying audio, conditioning sensors, buffering analog signals, etc.
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Low noise: 9 nV/√Hz
  • Low distortion
  • High output current: 80 mA (able to drive 32 Ω loads)
  • High-speed: 4 MHz, 1 V/μs
  • Operating from 2.7 to 12 V
  • Low input offset voltage: 900 μV max (TS922A)
  • ESD internal protection: 2 kV
  • Latch-up immunity
  • Macromodel included in this specification
  • Dual version available in flip-chip package


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